Should You Buy Your Teen Their First Car?

The choice of deciding to buy a car for your teenager when they’re ready to drive can be a daunting one for many parents.
One voice may be telling you that your son or daughter is in fact responsible enough to handle their own car. Another voice might say that they’d be better off relying on one of the family vehicles to get around in.
When you are dealing with conflicting thoughts on buying a vehicle for your teen, where do you turn?


Remember, the last thing you want to do is feel forced into making a decision you may regret.


Will Your Child Be Responsible with Their Own Vehicle?


In trying to decide to buy your son or daughter a vehicle, start by looking at their level of responsibility.
The truth of the matter is some young adults are more responsible than others. As a result, those not responsible could prove problematic with their own vehicle.
Does your teen take care of their other key possessions? Are they responsible with tasks around the house? Do they make good decisions when pressed? These are all questions you want to be able to answer before you think about opening up your wallet or purse.
Where to Buy That Vehicle?


If you do decide on a vehicle for your teen, find a Queensland car dealer or one near you that will work on a great deal.


Look to see which dealers have the best reputations when it comes to quality vehicles and deals.
You can often find such information in the following manners:

  • Newspapers and television – You will see ads for vehicles in your local paper and on TV. As you try and determine which ads are most relevant to your family’s needs, be sure to listen. While some dealers can be all talk, you want to drive off with the dealer you can trust to look out for you and your family.


  • Word-of-mouth – Given you likely have family and friends who are parents, talk to them. They may even be able to direct you to the dealer with not only the best deals, but the best vehicles and service. In listening to those closest to you, you may very well find the vehicle that is right for your family.
  • Social media – For those you follow on social sites; listen to what they have to say when it comes to buying cars. You are also likely going to come across car dealers who are on sites like Facebook, Instagram and others. Check out their social media profiles to see what they have to offer in cars and trucks. By striking up a line of dialogue with them before you visit, it can make you feel less stressed out.


Determining if your teen is in fact ready to drive a vehicle you buy for them can be a tough call to make.
Know that you should only make the investment if your teen will be responsible with the vehicle.